Energía Hidráulica

Social Responsibility

The project aiming to provide hot water from solar-power water heaters in areas lacking in such amenities comes thanks to the solar team at EPSE and the practice of social responsibility and environmental protection. Through teaching and hands-on workshops, we invite each family to play the central role in the formation and installation of their solar-based water heater—all in their own homes—and guided by one of our specialists in the field.

EPSE commits to continually improve and implement sustainable practices.

The Project Today

The solar-powered water heaters are being developed by means of an agreement between EPSE, PVF Audio-Visual Production and the municipality of 9 de Julio, who will start with the community of La Majadita.



Here you may request a visit to get to know our projects from the inside out.

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Holding fast to our promise of caring for natural resources, we maintain ourselves on the forefront of project development, all the while adapting to the ever-shifting energy matrix.

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