Contracting Rules

“Contracting” is to be understood as any acquisition, lease, transfer, exchange, sale, auction, etc. done by EPSE, and is subject to the regulations and requirements set out in these present rules. For the contracting of any studies, projects and/or professional services, our General Terms and Conditions will be applied, including its seven addendums, which all together makes up Addendum F of the present Rules. The contracting of engineering services will be applied to the procedure established in the General Terms and Conditions, which forms an integral part of these Rules as Addendum G. Any exception to these Contracting Rules must first come from a well-founded report that is approved by EPSE’s board of directors, which then must receive explicit authorization from the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting.

Contract Categories

Need for contracting may arise from any sector within the company and must be laid out in a Request Note (Addendum A). With the agreement from the respective management, it will be sent to the administrative and financial management team.

The formalities for contracting found in “Chart A” will be adopted in accordance to the amounts detailed below, which may be updated at any time by the board.

Direct Purchase Up to $43.500
Price Enquiry From $43,500 to $132,000
Price Collection and Bids From $132,000 to $435,000
Open Invitation to Tender Greater than $435,000
All expressed values are net and exclude VAT.
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For the formation of performance contracts with EPSE, which can involve studies, the realization of projects, and/or the carrying out of professional services, the specifications found in Addendum F will be applied.
Presentation of a bid automatically implies acceptance of these specifications, as well as an understanding of what is laid out in the Addendum.

Table B (Performance Contracts for Studies, Projects and/or Professional Services)
Direct Contracting Up to $43,500$43.500
Private Price Bidding Up to $660.000
Public Price Bidding More than $660.000
All expressed values are net and exclude VAT.
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The specification in Addendum G will be applied to the contracting of projects. These general specifications are to be considered alongside the Terms and Conditions, along with their Addendums, where the terms are defined for each tender in particular. The same applies to public tenders, limited source bidding, price bidding and/or direct tendering that aims to form a contract with EPSE regarding project construction. Furthermore, the scope of the tender in terms of national/international participation will be determined in the requirements found in each individual Terms and Conditions.

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Requests for Tenders

Public Tender No. 03/17

Contracting of Full-Coverage Operative Insurance for several sites under EPSE’s civil responsibility.

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Public Tender No. 01/2017

EPSE will take on a contract for the transportation of personnel for the operation and maintenance of the Quebrada de Ullum Hydroplant.

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Public Tender No. 02/2017

EPSE will contract out the manufacturing and installation of a penstock maintenance platform at the Los Caracoles Hydroplant.

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Prórroga llamado a Concurso Público Nº 01/2017

EPSE informa la PRÓRROGA de la apertura de sobres del CONCURSO PÚBLICO Nº 01/2017, “Diseño, Ejecución de Obras Civiles, Montaje Electromecánico, Provisión de Materiales y Puesta en Servicio:

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Price Bidding No. 01/17 and Notice No. 01/17

Turnkey project: design, carrying out of civil works, electromechanical installation, materials supply and commissioning: 132/33 kV transformer station and a 132 kV double-circuit tie line connecting to the SADI (Argentine Grid Connection System) It is to be for the Solar San Juan I PV Park in Ullum

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Price Bidding No. 4/16 EPSE

“Relocation of the data communication system for the Integrated Solar-Panel Factory in Pocito.”

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Tender Request Extension No. 05/2016

EPSE’s board has decided to extend the deadline for the reception of sealed bids in regards to Request for Tender No. 05/16.

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Licitación Pública Nº 05/2016

Compra de dos TRANSFORMADORES DE POTENCIA 132/34.5kV – 100/100 MVA para ser instalados en la Estación Transformadora Solar San Juan en el Departamento de Ullúm.

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