A Project Important to Provincial Energy Development Has Been Awarded


In an event headed by governor Sergio Uñac at the Governor’s Mansion, the awarding of the construction, operation and maintenance of the 500 kV line to connect San Juan to Rodeo has been awarded. It will allow the addition of projects for renewables in the area. The project requires an investment of 85 million USD and the company who was awarded the project is known as Electrica Rodeo SA.

The president of EPRE, Jorge Rivera Prudencio, gave technical details on the project and assured that it is “essential for the economic development of energy on a provincial level and that is also contributes to the plans to modify the national grid.”

The official assured that the awarded line “will have the ability to transport the generation from the Corredor Andino solar parks. In the future it will definitely have the transportation necessary to supply demand to the mining projects in the area.”

“The work together between the province and the national government in the area of electric energy will allow the carrying out of this project that will generate a large growth in electricity,” added Rivera Prudencio.

The tender received 10 offers, of which 9 were analyzed. The best offer received was for $54,974,248.54 plus sales tax. As of now, the 500 kV station has been build, which will operate at 132 kV.

Ricardo Sericano, president of the Administrative Committee of the trustee fund for the National Federal Electric Transportation (CAF), said that the project “is another link to the only mining line that will be added to the Rodeo-La Rioja line, which is planned to be tendered off in a private-public partnership. The project that begins today will add energy that will be produced from renewable energy.”

Previously, Alejandro Suroga, the National Secretary of Electric Energy, considered a signed tender to be a landmark in the province: “It speaks well of provincial-national relations and their ability to create projects that are useful to the electric grid, the user and above all for national development.”

“To find the projects that are necessary and the financial mechanisms needed to create this type of project speaks well to an ability to work in a team. This project is the first 500 KV project that we have conceived with the source coming from renewables, a change from what had been done up to this point. This is an extremely necessary project from the perspective of the country as a whole and the province. This way we can find ways to finance and large participation from companies and above all a promise from everyone to make progress on this work of great importance for the national grid,” Suroga said in closing.

In closing and before the signing, Uñac closed by saying that “the need to push forward the proper development in an energy matrix and for powerlines that can distribute energy to places that are farther away in our country. This is the right road and we should work to improve energy is more remote areas, as is the case in our province.”

The governor added that “there is considerable development of renewables in the country. The politics surrounding energy should been taken serious in planning for the future. It is the only way that we can complete not only an energy matrix, but also an economy with diversification of the distinct activities that improve agriculture in San Juan.”

In closing, Uñac said that “the development of energy, tourism, commercial and industrial sectors go hand-in-hand with the creation of jobs,” and highlighted dialogue and consensus as necessary tools for development: “This is the country and province that we love, where we can converse our way to a better standing that benefits all Argentines,” he finished by saying.

Carlos Ramirez
Prensa Casa de Gobierno de San Juan