Envelope Opening for Public Tender 09/2018


EPSE hereby informs that on the 24th of August, an envelope opening was carried out for PUBLIC TENDER 09/2018: “Procurement of a Professional Surveying and Inspection System for topographic reasons.”

The envelope opening took place at EPSE’s main office on Agustín Gencco 350 sur. Present at the event were the vice president of EPSE, Jorge Quattropani, the administrative financial manager, Guillermo Adrover, legal council Patricio Echegaray and the external commerce and storage manager, Andres Quattropani. The event was held under the notary public of the government, María Silvia Sarmiento.

Two offers were received:

Offer 1: the Runco S.A. company

Offer 2: the Geosistemas S.R.L. company

Once the envelope opening act was carried out, the documentation received was given to the evaluatory commission designed to such an end, and also reserving the right to strict confidentiality regarding the affair. Once this stage is concluded, the winning company will be announced.

Unidad de Comunicación EPSE