Offical Information: 42 Projects Are Competing to Offer Renewables to the Private Sector


The wholesale electric market administrator, CAMMESA, has published a new report on the management of the renewable energy futures market (MATER) within the framework of MEyM Resolution 281-E/2017.

The report informs that Major Approved Users (GUH) of the MEM affected by Law 27.191 have the opportunity to store 8% renewables (as established by the norm) by means of the following: Purchase through the State (by doing so through CAMMESA), through the private sector or by generating it on their own. The number of said companies has risen to 2,287. 44 projects have already been submitted with the intention to offer energy to these large users (GUHs). According to the claims of the generating parties, the capacity presented by these projects reaches 2,031.23 MW.

However, it should be noted that neither the small hydroplant San Guillermo presented by Latinoamericana de Energía, nor the Solar De Los Andes by Generadora Solar Santa Rosa S.A have reported power capacities; however, they are within the tiebreaker stage alongside 40 other projects.

Those that are out of the competition are the wind farm Chubut Norte II (21.6 MW) and Viento Austral (50.4 MW) by Genneia and Viento Austral S.A., respectively.

The solar parks Toroyaco Solar I and Toroyaco Solar II, both 100 MW and property of Cordillera Solar S.A., continue under evaluation even though they require mining agreements according to CAMMESA.

CAMMESA has also informed that, in the face of new submissions, the capacities of the grid in the second trimester of this year “will be updated as a function of the result of the priority dispatching coming from them.”

Solicitations that were already approved by January 22nd of this year have been given priority for dispatch, which totals to 9 clean-energy projects and 273.12 MW.

Guido Gubinelli
Energía Estratégica