EPSE Presents Major San Juan Project at Major International Seminar


The first International Seminar on Major Infrastructure Projects was held in San Juan, where businessmen, public servants, Argentines and Chileans held debate. A major goal of the gathering was to develop infrastructure that can help eradicate poverty.

Expositions were held for two days, with constructing and contracting companies, Chilean and Argentine Ministries, public and private entities, and various technology sectors all participating at the Convention Center.

The important topics at the gathering were the Agua Negra tunnel, and investment opportunities in renewable energies, Vaca Muerta, transportation, major hydraulic works, a sub-fluvial tunnel, and mining and infrastructure relating to ports.

Alberto Hensel, the San Juan Mining Minister, opened the gathering. Julio Ortiz Andino, the San Juan Infrastructure Minister, presented technical aspects of the future tunnel that will connect the province with the Pacific Ocean. The Energy Panel presenting on electric energy showed projects of high complexity. The forum on future tenders and financing was given by Dr. Jorge Rivera Prudencio, president of EPRE, the local electric utility. He covered types of contracts alongside the dynamic demand for electric energy. CAMMESA, the Administrating Company of the Wholesale Electric Market, spoke over future tenderings. The closing of the panel was performed by EPSE president Victor Doña, who presented on renewable energies in San Juan, covering both current and future projects in store for the province.

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