Gennia Goes All In On Renewables, Purchasing 3 Solar Parks in San Juan


Alfredo Bernardi, the institutional relations manager for Genneia, informed the CNV at the end of the day yesterday that the company will have all of its solar projects “ready to go by the end of the year.”

The agreement set in contracts with 360 Energy and CAMMESA that the parks will be operational—sending solar energy to the grid—between November and December of this year.

“To the day, the Society accepts the offer of the selling of stocks that were sent to stockholders at 100% of the social capital, regarding all of the stocks from the now public projects Ullum I Solar S.A., Ullum 2 Solar S.A. and Ullum 3 Solar S.A. (together known as the Ullum Subsidiaries),” Genneia informed the CNV.

The projects will be built from 300,000 monocrystalline modules of 72 cells that will be installed on 280 hectares of land in the area of Ullum, one of the 19 provincial departments. The area is located 30 km from the city of San Juan, in an area of low mountains and scarce vegetation.

With the company actively going public, the signature will bring 900 MW of renewable power within reach. It will also base its technology across the board with renewables: a thermal biomass plant called “La Florida” in Tucuman (19 MW); large wind farms in the central and southern areas of the country, and now 82 MW of solar in San Juan.

In total Genneia will add around 900 MW, which will makes it the most important renewable energy company in all of Argentina.

Tullum I, II and III are slated to generate 216 MW/h of power, which will allow for the powering of 48,000 homes. According to environmental calculations, the plants will eliminate 118,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere per year once they are up and running.

“Genneia continues to add projects, and is powerful in the field of renewables with its negotiations, reaffirming them as the leader of such in Argentina. Furthermore, their wind farms are underway in terms of construction in the provinces of Chubut, Buenos Aires, and Rio Negro; and they also possess a base in Tucuman,” stated Bernardi of Energy Planning.

Gastón Fenés
Energía Estratégica