The 2nd Phrase of the Tambolar Tender is Underway


The governor’s palace has carried out an event for the unfolding of the international tender requirements for the “Tambolar Multipurpose Energy Use Project” (2nd phase) under the Ministry of Infrastructure and Services, alongside EPSE.

The meeting was presided over by governor Sergio Uñac and vicepresident Marcelo Lima; Interior Minister of Public Works and Housing, Rogelio Frigerio; the president of EPSE, Victor Doña; the secretary of Infrastructure and Hydraulics, Pablo Bereciartia; as well as other ministers, officials, mayors, union reps, businessmen, etc, among others.

San Juan has sustained a vigorous plan of exploiting the San Juan river ever since the La Olla Complex was completed in 1967. Said plan was a multi-purpose use of the river, and was driven by the executive power of the province and developed by EPSE.

The new Tambolar hydro project also conforms to the same vision of utilizing the same river, and will incorporate 70 MW more into the San Juan and national grids. It follows a long line of projects that have all been working together since the La Olla project took off: Los Caracoles, 125 MW; Punta Negra, 65 MW; Quebrada de Ullum, 45 MW and La Olla at 44 MW.

Victor Doña spoke in great detail about the Tambolar project, how it will work and details about its construction: “The reservoir will hold 605 billion liters. Today we are opening the

tender to companies that will send their bids on the 23rd of November and at 11 am we will have the envelope opening. The project has an official budget of 748 million dollars.”

Minister Frigerio went on to say that “We are completing the project designed to make full use of the San Juan river because of what water means to the province, to human consumption, to production and energy, and to provide energy to 120,000 families in San Juan. Furthermore, these works have lots of potential with regards to tourism. One of the worries held by this government was always the continued labor over the Tambolar project, which will create more that 1200 new job posts. This investment, one of the largest in the history of the province, is related to a national initiative for developmental projects, which includes aqueducts, sewer installation and others along highway 40 and the airport. This is even more important when the situation is difficult; investing in public works implies an enormous amount of effort.”

Finally, governor Uñac manifested that “these are actions that transcend the borders of the province and that generate a lot of happiness for the people of San Juan. The construction of this dam completes a reservoir system and hydropower infrastructure that will be modelled throughout the entire country since it is all based off of a river that has a relatively small load, which has been exploited through lots of careful thinking and planning in order to make the dream into a reality—as well as to turn our main river into a generator for activities of economic life and maximum use. From La Olla in the 1960s, Ullum in the 80s, Punta Negra and Caracoles from 2005 to 2015 and Tambolar I in 2015 and II from this moment—we have given way to a large transformation of our economic structures. And we have connected to the social structure that which we owe each of our local citizens. We think that the works in San Juan make it possible to generate business through the diversification of the economy. We have more than 5000 km of canals, which allows for agricultural development with a base in wine making, olive production, fruit production, plant production and seed exportation that is the model for the region and the country as a whole.”

Furthermore, the governor ratified the event with “industrial, touristic and mining development to strengthen commercial development, which is the present and future of the people of San Juan. We thank the president, highlighting that personal challenges should not blur large institutional goals. We can think differently about some aspects, but we work to transform the present in order to build the future. San Juan has great technical resources that allow us to think about the engineering of these works and modify the lives of the people here. We know to ask—because only we can do—and for that reason we are soliciting that the generation contracts for Punta Negra and Caracoles are used for the construction of a new dam, creating a public work that will strengthen both governments with a megastructure that will create job posts for the people of San Juan,” concluded the governor of the province, who thanked the public and private sectors for the completion of the works mentioned.

Unidad de Comunicación EPSE