The Big Solar-Industry Players that Will Participate in Round 2 of the National Energy Tenders


We hereby reveal the companies with the largest presence in Round 2, where 5,290 MW of projected power will be auctioned off for projects. We will also inform of the areas to have the highest concentration of proposals, as well as a phenomenon not seen in Round 1: Individual projects receiving multiple bids.

In this new set of tenders, Round 2.0 of the RenovAr program, 99 solar PV projects have been presented with an intent to invest nearly 5.5 billion dollars. More than one projects deals with more than one bidder, causing the offered power of 5,290 MW to double in some cases.

Highlighting the big players in this heated auction, which gathers together local and foreign investors, cooperatives, and state companies—we find Energías Sustentables S.A., a subsidiary of 350Energy, of the holding group Fides Group S.A.. Energía Sustentables presented an interesting slew of projects, just as they had done in the previous round.

The company won the solar parks known as Ullum I (25 MW), Ullum II (25 MW), and Ullum III (32 MW) in San Juan; Suajil (22.5 MW), Fiambalá (11 MW) and Tinogasta (15 MW) in Catamarca; and Nonogasta (35 MW) in La Rioja. Now they are competing with 13 projects for 279.29 MW, and not only under the title of Energías Sustentables S.A., but also DEYKILL COMPANY S.A. and NONOGASTA SOLAR S.A.

One of these projects presented by 360Energy in San Juan, “Tocota” at 72 MW, is being offered by the Canadian company, Isla Power.

According to the conditions of the tendering, a project may be presented by more than one bidder, the both of whom will then have a price competition, just as with any other presented project.

In the case of a tie, the decision will be made based on the percentage of Nationally Declared Content and project build time. If things still remain tied, a raffle will take place.

Isla Power has invested more than 1.2 billion dollars in renewable-power installations in the United States and Canada. Today they have a branch in Argentina, and have presented 3 solar projects that, including Tocota, add up to 227 MW.

Another company throwing its weight is the international company Latinoamericana de Energía. It presented 13 projects for a total of 515.4 MW in the provinces of Catamarca, San Juan and La Rioja.

The company has 50 years of experience of provision in the energy, mining and construction industries, and has presence in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and Argentina. In previous rounds national tendering—Rounds 1.0 and 1.5—they presented 3 solar projects for a total of 201.7 MW.

They were awarded with the smallest project they had presented, at 1.7 MW. Latinoamericana de Energía is going for a rematch, and is making a hard move for Catamarca, with 6 projects for 340 MW. The province is opening competition in the NOA area, where 200 MW are available and 2,783 MW of projects have been presented.

CL IV REO OFF SHORE is another major offerer, and is being represented by LUFT Energía y Vientos Solutions, in strategic alliance with Coral, which is an American Fund that has already invested in Argentina, starting this past year. The investment came together with Pampa Energía in the Corti project in Bahía Blanca.

CL IV REO OFF SHORE presented 7 solar projects for 566 MW in the provinces of Tucuman (234 MW), La Rioja (132 MW) and San Juan (200 MW).

The players Genneia and Eolia Sur also competed with an interesting portfolio of projects, with 2 in dispute of ownership: both companies presented “Retamal” and “Cruce Del Tocota”, projects worth 100 MW each, both located in San Juan and developed by EPSE.

Eolia Sur, under the name EREN RENEWABLE S.A., presented a solar park in Cordoba—La Paz at 80 MW.

Genneia is one of the energy producing companies with the most activity in the Argentine market, offering 3 projects for 100 MW each: Cauchari 7 in Salta, and in Tucuman, Central de los Andes and Solar Andino.

Canadian Solar is a major player that has waited until Round 2 to participate actively in Argentina. They are competing with 4 projects for 234 MW: one in San Juan at 29 MW, another in Cordoba at 80 MW, and 2 in La Rioja for a total of 125 MW.

One of the major ambitions of the Canadian company is to put themselves in Mendoza and start to produce solar panels. They want to utilize something like a comparative advantage and become a national provider, as they also would like to do in Brazil.

Martifer Renewables is another international company that is diving into the Argentine market. They have experience in the development and construction of wind and solar parks for a total of more than 1000 MW found at various sites in the world. They presented two 100 MW projects destined for San Juan.

The French companies Neoen Sas and Auko Energy also participated in RenovAr.

The first of the two is partitipating with 2 solar projects in Salta for 200 MW and 1 in Tucuman for 100 MW. The latter company has presented 4 projects for 333 MW.

On the national side of things, Sullair Argentina is presenting 3 projects for 280 MW in Salta, San Juan and Tucuman. Another is the contracting company from Mendoza, known as Green. They are competing with 2 projects in their province for 21.2 MW.

AES Argentina, affiliate of The AES Corporation, has more than 30 years of experience in the energy industry, and has presented 2 projects in La Rioja for 134 MW.

Participation of Government-Owned Companies

Several government-owned companies are participating in solar, some of them in league with private companies.

The Jujuy Province was a big winner in Round 1.0, winning 3 solar projects at 100 MW each. They have presented 4 tenders for 400 MW total. All come through the state company Jemse, who looks to perform just as well as before.

EPSE, San Juan’s state-affiliated energy company, has presented 13 projects in their province alongside investors from the private sector. Their offering totals up 505 MW.

EPEC, the Provincial Energy Company of Cordoba, has presented 2 solar projects in its region for 70 MW. The Empresa Mendocina de la Energía (EMESA) from Mendoza presented 40 MW in their province.

Finally, it is worth mentioning first-time presentations by two big energy companies—a wind park by Arauco SAPEM, back by the La Rioja province and winner of wind projects in both Rounds 1.0 and 1.5. Now they are presented a 50 MW solar park in their province.

Their other major company here is YPF. The oil company is presenting a solar project in the province of Mendoza for 50 MW.

Guido Gubinelli
Energía Estratégica