The Tambolar Project Has Been Officially Presented at EXIMBANK


As part of the current tour taken by national and local authorities through Asia, in this in China in particular—governor Serio Uñac participated in a meeting along with President Macri and the directors of EXIMBANK in which he was allowed to explain the Tambolar dam that is projected for San Juan.

It is worth mentioning that the governor is meeting in various countries across Asia along with figures from the national government, including the President himself, during which meetings have been held with a diverse set of authorities and international businessmen.

Also present during the meeting with EXIMBANK were the Minister of Finance, Luis Caputo; and the governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales, among others.
Within this frame, Uñac laid out a multi-faceted project with aims at social and economic gains for San Juan. Once completed, the project will allow for better control of the water supply for human consumption, irrigation, electric-energy generation, along with the plan to develop tourist attractions along the Perilago road. Furthermore, the project will provide a significant number of jobs for San Juan.

Gobierno de San Juan
Gobierno de San Juan