San Juan Adds 3 New Electricity-Generating Parks


The Wholesale Electricity Market Administrating Company (CAMMESA) has awarded dispatch priority in order to undertake investments and future contract in wind and solar.

In total, the government has awarded 560.7 MW of powerline transmission to install renewable-energy plants, which deals mostly with projects from the province of Buenos Aires, and the Cuyo (San Juan, Mendoza, San Luis) and NOA (Salta, Jujuy, Tucuman, La Rioja, etc.) regions. A difference from the previous awardings, mid-size companies won out this time that don’t have as much experience as those before when it comes to constructing big parks either locally or interntionally.

This guarantee of grid access allows investors to negotiate the price with clients on long-term energy contracts, as well as search for financing from the main banks involved in the industry.

In the conditions of the awards, it is stated that transport reserve ends with conformity to the promised dates that are in the documents presented to CAMMESA. In order to guarantee the construction of the projects and avoid simple speculation, the government placed a cautionary policty of 250 thousand dollars per installed MW to back the signatures.

The awards consider three factors: The project with the smallest time frame programmed in for commercial use; that which has the highest installed power; that which searches for financial aid. A tie decided by raffle was also an option in the areas with the most requests.

In this way, the new generators will be able to commercialize renewable energy over the long term with diverse institutions, mainly large petrol, oil, supermarket, auto-related, mining, and metal-working companies that are already complying with law no. 27.191.

This law, which is obligatory to comply with, is seen by users as an opportunity to reduce costs and guarantee supply.

Of the 55 MW won by San Juan, 50 MW correspond to a project that EPSE developed alongside associates in the area of TOCOTA.


The PSFV TAMBERIAS Project, whose primary business name is Latinoamericana de Energia S.A., was assigned in the first trimester of 2018, with an assigned power of 3.0 MW, and a connection point being the 33 kV line Calingasta vieja – Tamberías, which was won via a raffle from a tie.

The PSFV TOCOTA SOLAR 1, whose business name falls under Isla Power S.A, had its assignment period in the first trimester of 2018, and an assigned power of 50 MW. Its connection point is the Bauchazeta powerline that was also assigned in a raffle.

The PSFV LOS DIAGUITAS Project is under the company Latinoamericana de Energía S.A. Its assignment period was the first trimester of 2018 with an assigned power of 2.0 MW and an interconnection point of the Albardón powerline, assigned also in a raffle.