132 / 33 kV Transformers Transported to the Electrical Substation


They came from the factory of Tade Czerweny S.A. (Villa Gobernador Galvez) in the province of Santa Fe. In order for both of the 130-ton transformers to reach San Juan, logistical coordination was necessary between both of the entities. The paperwork and authorizations necessary to travel on the highway were obtained through both the provincial and national traffic authorities. It was important for each of the transports to be able to handle 90 tons, which is how much they weighed in transport (which doesn’t count the accessories, expansion tanks, oil, radiators, etc.).

The transport took about seven days. The first step was taken on the highway and took the most convenient route. These transports are only allowed to travel during the day, which justifies how long it took. Each truck attached to a hydraulic device that had 13 axels and 104 small coverings, each of which had independent suspension on each axel and hydraulic steering.

The special characteristic employed by these trucks is that if the unit moves the front and back wheels in a mirrored motion. The transport needed 5 operatives, two trucks for support logistics and a hydraulic crane to lift the signs on the highway—as the height of the truck would have caused a problem at being over 5.7 m. The length of the truck and the module together was 34 meters, with a total weight of 240 tons. Each transformer represented an investment of $980,000 USD.

Unidad de Comunicación EPSE