Three Companies Presented their Financial Bids for the Construction of the El Tambolar Project


On April 4th, EPSE carried out the 2nd envelope opening for the International Public Tender N. 7/2018, “Tambolar Multi-Purpose Hydro Project.”

The act took place in the Dr. Rogelio Cerdera room at the Governor’s Mansion and was presided over by the governor, Sergio Uñac. He was accompanied by vice-governor Marcelo Lima; the secretary of Renewable Resources and Electric Market, Juan Garade; the sub-secretary of the Electric Market, Juan Luchilo; the national director for the supervision of hydro projects, Veronica Chorkluak; The head of Hydroprojects for CAMMESA, Marcel Barletta; the head of cabinet fr the national subsecretary of water resources, Alejandro Hoc; the Minister of Housing, Roberto Gattoni; the main notary of the government, Nelida del Carmen Gomez; the president of EPSE, Victor Doña; and other officials and assistants.

During the event, Uñac highlighted the importance of the work that is to change the future of people from San Juan: “It is a projects that implies a great investment of many millions of dollars that are coming to change the reality of people in the province, and fundamentally the lives of the workers. It comes as a reinforcement for the idea that the government of the province bets strongly on the private sector but also on the generation of public works,” highlighted Uñac.

Garade gave a voice that was in unison with Uñac, highlighting the importance of the structure: It is a project that on one hand means life and is very important to us. It has three important aspects, from the point of view of sustenence, life and energy,” expressed Garade.

In turn, Doña thanked the authorities for what was accomplished with this work of enormous magnitude for the province and proceeded to give the most important details in respect to it: “It will have water storage for 600 hm3 and electrical generation of more than 340,000 Mwh/year and a workforce and service demand that will employ more than 1300 people,” asserted the EPSE president.

The companies and their respective offers:

Panedile Argentina SA - SACDE - Sinohydro – Petersen, Thiele y Cruz

Base financial proposal: $ 544,364,134.69 USD

Alternative financial proposal: $ 545,090,178.29 USD

Techint – Tesur

Base financial proposal: $ 541,983,311.05 USD

Alternative financial proposal: $ 542,596,601.94 USD

China Gezhouba Group Company Limited (Argentine branch) – Green SA - Ivica y A. Dumandzic SA

Base financial proposal: $ 704,175,391.84 USD

Alternative financial proposal: $ 706,812,321.40 USD

Project Information

Main Goal

Complete the Intergrated Exploitation System of the Middle Section of the San Juan River, made up of El Tambolar, Los Caracoles and Punta Negra.

Complete the San Juan River Multi-System. It is made up of El Tambolar, Los Caracoles, Punta Negra, la Olla Ullum and Quebrada de Ullum.

Specific Goals

Sustainability of agriculture and industry

Water storage (+ 600 hm3)

Increase regular of river water. Flood control.

Annual electricity generation (+ 340.000 MWh/year)

Workforce deployment (+ 1300 people)

Construction strategy

Stage I: Divert the river (March 2015 – June 2018, completed)

Executive Project completed for the entire project

Detailed engineering for the river-diversion structures

Diversion tunnels for the river (T1 and T2 Sluiceway)

Penstock pit

Inspection tunnel

Stage II: the remains of the project (+ August 2018, out to tender)


Headrace tunnel


Power House

Electronic substation and high-tension line

Next Milestones

Evaluation of envelopes N. 2 (financial bids)

Awarding of the winning bid

Signature of contract with winning temporary consortium

Signatures at the event for the start of Stage II construction

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