Uñac and Frigerio Toured the El Tambolar Construction Site


Sergio Uñac, the governor of the province toured the El Tambolar area alongside Interior Minister Rogelio Frigerio. Later they toured an area planned for 300 workers and a separate section of the project.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Planning, Julio Ortiz Andio and Victor Doña, president of EPSE, were also present to bring specific details of the work to the authorities present.

Frigerio said that “We are on foot in El Tambolar, touring one of the most important projects that this province will have, a project that will give energy to 120,000 families and make possible the cultivation of more than 23,000 hectares of land. This is a highly-anticipated project by everyone in San Juan, and we have put it out to tender as of today.”

The governor of the province said that “This is a project that is more than important. It will allow us to store water, generate energy, and connect to the beauty and strength of the construction with tourism in the San Juan province.” He later thanked the Interior Minister, the Minister of Energy and the President of the nation, saying that “We had begun construction before finishing up Punta Negra, but we needed political decisions on behalf of the President, ministers and of course the will of the people of San Juan before it could be continued.”

To finish, Uñac said that “There is an entire team working already and a lot of the main project is ready to be tendered. Tomorrow we will be making the terms and conditions of the tender available so that transitory business consortiums can participate.”

He stated that “This is our present, but also the future of the people of San Juan being planned for. For this, I want to thank and recognize everyone who has been a part of this enormous undertaking.”

Unidad de Comunicación EPSE