Norwegian Company Looking to Develop Renewables


The representative of the Argentine subsidiary, Ninia Alvarez, went to the governor’s mansion together with their regional representative, Alejandro Figueroa. Accompanying them was EPSE president, Victor Doña. The governor was greeted with interest on behalf of the representatives regarding the potential for renewables in San Juan.

Equinor began to participate in the RenovAr program put forward by the National Ministry of Energy in order to have their projects judged and eventually awarded on bids, thereby celebrating storage contracts for electric energy generated by means of renewable sources.

This way, the company received 50% of the Guañizuil IIA projects, which is in the hands of the Portugese company Martifer Solar, and is located in the department of Iglesia. The other 50% of the project stayed in the hands of the Norwegian company, Scatec Solar.

It is a private project for 100 MW that the company is planning on setting out this next year.

Guañizuil has the potential to provide electric energy that is renewable to 80,000 homes, more or less.

Aside from that, the businessmen expressed interest to continue developing other investments of renewables in San Juan.

The governor welcomes the company and showed interest in the offer, highlighting that the province—beyond its technical prowess—offers investors security in a legal sense, financial organization and social tranquility.

On his behalf, Victor Doña explained that EPSE is the executive arm of the provinces energy politics and went over a detailed report of the manner in which the state entity operates.

Governor Uñac thanked the businessmen for their visit, the first since Equinor settled in Argentina and opened their doors to work on different energy projects.

Casa de Gobierno de San Juan