Italian Investment Group Interested in San Juan Energy Projects


The Italian investment group is interested in energy projects in San Juan.

Representatives for the ALTAIR investment group arrived today to the governor’s palace, where they were received by vicegovernor Marcelo Lima and EPSE president, Victor Doña.

The vice-governor of the province, Marcelo Lima, was accompanied by EPSE president, Victor Doña. Together they received the Italian investment group ALTAIR, which was headed by engineers Marco Gonella, Donato Pescatore and their president, Antonello Amoroso.

During the meeting, the investment group proceeded to go into details about a possible hydraulic project for the area of Ullum that would also include material for solar collection.

At the end of the meeting, Doña pointed out the assets of this group across all of Europe: “This group has around 2000 MW in diffe

where they are currently installing an energy plant. Of those 2000 MW, 900 MW have been installed in solar energy,” stated the president of EPSE.

When it became time to talk about time periods, Doña pointed out the importance of respecting relevant tests from a project of similar magnitude with respects to the tenders and composition: “A hydraulic project requires more maturity and more tests since San Juan is a seismic area. Those same tests allow for calculation and a real budget for development,” pointed out Doña.

It is worth mentioning that the investment group then proceeded to get to know the wonders of the province in terms of its infrastructure and solar installations, touring all of the solar parks that are currently under development.

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