The Exploitation of Solid Urban Waste (Spanish: VERSU) project continues strongly on several fronts, including the administrative and on-site.

First, we would like to highlight the workshop/meeting that was carried out to present and order all of the information entering into the cash flow of the project, which summarized all of the variables of the operation of the integrated plant in Sarmiento. All of the parties involved collaborated at the occasion (EPSE, SEAyDS and the municipality of Sarmiento). Information was updated regarding operational costs and possible project revenue. A general economic and financial evaluation was also carried out.

A public audience was also held regarding the VERSU plant regarding the environmental impact study established by Law N. 504-L. During the course of the event, presentations were made on behalf of interested parties.

With regards to what are called the civil works, the company in charge is GILI Construcciones. Mid-February is being aimed at for having the industrial bay built and in-line with the terms of the tender. At the same time, SMBs are being coordinated with for installation of equipment such as the drying oven, boiler, and smaller equipment. The condenser still needs to be brought over, which weighs around 2500 kg. Also, we are waiting on the dissipaters for the cooling tower and the windmill. Installation of equipment within the factory should begin this month.

It is important to mention that the proper installations are being put in to meet with fire code requirement, and that the electric installations are being put in as well in the entire plant. It is also worth noting that construction has started on the environmental laboratory.

Progress on the VERSU plant is around 65%.

Unidad de Comunicación EPSE