EPSE Presents Major San Juan Project at Major International Seminar

Businessmen and public servants debate San Juan’s major infrastructure projects and future investment opportunities.

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The Big Solar-Industry Players that Will Participate in Round 2 of the National Energy Tenders

We reveal the companies with the largest presence in Round 2, where 5,290 MW of projected power will be auctioned off.

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Round 2: According to Doña, Solar Will Be Below 50 Dollars Per MWh

The province of San Juan presented more than 1,700 MW in Round 2.0 of RenovAr—a third of the national offers—and competition should be fierce at the tender opening.

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ASADES Vists the Solar Plant

The Argentine Environmental and Renewable Energy Association (ASADES) conference taking place in San Juan provided participants with a tour of the San Juan I PV Plant.

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San Juan Competes with a Minimum of 10 Renewable Energy Projects

9 solar offers and 1 wind offer will come by means of EPSE.

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The Federal Government Has Extended the Extensions on the Importation of Renewable-Energy-Related Equipment

President Macri and the Ministers of Energy, Housing and Production have enacted a new system of tariffs for photovoltaic- and wind-based systems by means of decree 814/2017.

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The Role to Be Played by Provinces in the Upcoming Tendering: What Investors Look for with Regards to Renewables

Professional analysis of the points being followed by companies that are expressing interest in Round 2.0 of the RenovAr program.

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Authorities Claim Round 2.0 of RenovAr Will Have Easier Access to Financing

Energy market specialist Claudio Guidi says the new renewable energy tenders will make it easier for project winners to access credit than in Rounds 1.0 and 1.5.

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The Federal Energy Council Has Completed their Second Meeting

The 2nd Meeting of the Federal Energy Council (CFE) took place in Buenos Aires, a result the Federal Energy Agreement that was signed on April 20th by the provincial governors.

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EPSE Participated in the University Open House to Inspire Interest in the Sciences

The Engineering College at the UNSJ has presented at the University Open House for the 2nd straight year, directed at high schoolers in their senior year.

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