Projects Currently Underway

Anchipurac 3 MWp Solar Park

The preliminary design has given priority to the resolution of issues regarding the morphology and spatial distribution in order to reduce losses and meet the needs of the materials to be employed; the system remains as simple and modular as possible as a result.

An electric substation is planned in order to support the industrial hub, whose level of power will depend on the demand set by the companies upon installation. In this phase of the project, only the foundations of the structure will be built to allow for the technical aspects needed to connect the park to the substation to remain open.

Solar Photovoltaic Panels

The design and modelling of the plant have used monocrystalline panels as its reference point. The characteristics of the panels are as follows:

· High efficiency: 16.23%

· Positive tolerance of nominal power rating: 0/+3%

· Wind resistance: up to 3800 Pascals

· Pmax temperature coefficient: -0.40 %; 0C

· Dimensions: 1956 x 992 x 40 mm

· Extended warranty on power output


A three-phase power invertor has been employed with a nominal power rating of 1000 KVA.


This plant is structured around three sections of 1 MVA each. Each 1 MVA module is the basic piece upon which the plant is constructed. The sections have the following technical characteristics:

· Type of supports: mobile, with azimuthal tracking

· Panels per structure: 22 to 24

· Number of modules: 1,680

· Module surface: 16,299 m2

· Number of modules in series: 24

· Number of series: 140

· PV nominal power: 1041.6 Kwp

· Number of invertors: 3 (SMA Sunny Central 1000CP XT)

· AC nominal power: 3000 KVA

· Number of series per structure: 1

· Output power: 33 KV

Complete System

The complete system is made up of 3 1000KVA modules connected to the building for switching and overcurrent protection. This building forms part of the transformer substation that increases the voltage used for internal circulation within the plant at 33kV to that which will be sent to the grid.


Wetted construction is to be employed for the construction of the buildings, using local and traditional materials and methods that are approved by INPRES and the Planning Department.

The buildings included in the project are the following:

· A building for protection cells and handling of the substation at 380V to 33KV. (Approximately 50 m2 are needed.)

· A building for control of the substation and operations. This includes a SCADA system, offices, special infrastructure for the installation of IT and communication equipment, air conditioning, back-up energy and a commercial measuring system for the plant. (Approximately 40 m2 are needed.)

· A guard shack is currently not in the blueprints, though this will be planned for in the Anchipurac park.

· Storage area and permanent workshop: a 100 m2 warehouse is planned for, which will house materials, replacement parts, machines and tools of periodic use for the maintenance and operation of the plant. This building will have bathrooms and a changing area for maintenance personnel.

Monitoring and Control Systems

SCADA System

A SCADA system in planned for, which will allow monitoring and integrated control of the plant (at the level of 1 string). The system requires the fitting of an internal data network made with fiber optic cable that connects the invertors to the control. Connections will be made via RS485 within the control boards in the invertor building. The invertor building will have a rack with the electronics needed to monitor and control installed devices, such as the invertors, safety sensors, etc. Data within the buildings will be internally connected via Ethernet over UTP or RS485 data streams. Internal communication systems will also serve to transmit security camera information. Temperature sensors for the panels and the inside of the invertor building are planned for as well.

The SCADA system

The SCADA system has servers and user stations within the control building, which can be accessed and controlled remotely via internet.

Meteorological Station

A complete meteorological station is planned for the park, which will include various sensors that are connected to the SCADA system for monitoring and registering weather variables that affect the plant, thereby allowing evaluation of its development.

The following weather variables can be measured:

Temperature (-40° a +60°C)

Humidity (0 to 100% RH)


Horizontal global solar radiation (ISO first class, 0 to 2000 Wm-2 / thermic dependence < 0.l%; 0°C)

Wind speed (0-240 km/h «[: 2%; and wind direction 0-360° +/-)

Atmospheric pressure (550 to 1080 hPa)

The station will be able to operate on its own without data loss for a minimum of 24 hours in case of power loss or data loss from the SCADA.

Operation and Maintenance

The operation and maintenance of the park will be planned by means of the planning and models currently applied to the San Juan I Solar Photovoltaic Plant.

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