Completed Projects

Cuesta del Viento Hydropower Plant

WIth the commissioning of Cuesta Del Viento, 28 GWh of clean energy is provided to the province. Production from the power plant is connected to the national grid.

The Hydroplant:
-Fitted with a Kaplan turbine with a vertical axis, all built into a generation unit adding to 19.8 MVA of power installed. Its designed flow is 18 m³/s. Net head: 67 meters. Nominal power: 8.9 MVA. Transformer substation consisting of 1 transformer with 10.8 MVA of power and three operating fields.

The turbine was procured by EPSE for its repair and preparation to be sold on the market after the servicing. Hidrocuyo S.A. is who was awarded with the operation and maintenance of the plant by means of a contract with EPSE.

The Dam:
- It is a rockfill dam with an impermeable core made up of clay, mud, sand, and gravel compacted together. The height from the foundations on the river bed is 62 meters, and the width of the crest is 320 meters. The volume of materials filling the dam is 3,000,000 m³. The reservoir allows for the storage of up to 206 Hm³ of water, forming a lake with a surface of 12.8 km²

It is made with a clay core that is interestingly treated and compacted and in such a way the dam wall becomes impermeable. In order to protect this impermeable element from waves, rain, wind, and seismic movements, it has reinforcement in place up and downstream. The reinforcement is made in near vertical layers of distinct materials, all gradually compacted with sand (filters), gravel without sand, and riprap.

-Ungated front spillway that is designed to evacuate up to 960 m³/s. Build out of rock and coated in concrete in the area near the dam.

In order to evacuate water from the dam, two channels are available during the operation:
- A sluiceway that has a diameter of 3 meters and a length of 450 meters. This pipe was previously used to divert the river while the dam was being constructed.
- A headrace tunnel to the hydroplant that is 3 meters in diameter and has 433 meters in length, made to take on up to 18 m³/s from the group of turbo-generators.

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