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La Palca

The technical specifications necessary for the realization of this project are currently being updated.

This project aims at utilizing the La Palca river for power generation via a small, open-air dam and a fairly long tunnel, giving us a 500 meters head. The 37 MW plant would reside in a cavern and contain a Pelton turbine with a vertical axis and an annual output of 196 GWh.

The overall design includes a penstock and a surge tank. The gorge formed by the river is an interesting formation that allows us to analyze the project in terms of its potential.

Basic Characteristics of the Project:

-Small dam for reservoir formation
-Intake to divert water to the plant
-Tunnel to transport water to the plant
-Surge tank to buffer pressure gradients
-Penstock in the head before the plant
-Hydropower plant with turbine and generator

Technical Specifications:
-Dam height from riverbed: 2780
-Intake height (tunnel entrance): 2785 m
-Normal reservoir level: 2790 m
-Height of power plant: 2230 m
-Gross head: 560 m
-Net head: 500 m
-Average river flow: 6.73 m³/s
-Turbine flow: 1.5 to 8 m³/s
-Tunnel: 35 km length and 2.6 m external diameter
-Surge tank: 107 m height and 6 m diameter
-Penstock: 1017 m length and 2.2 m diameter
-Turbine: horizontal Pelton
-Capacity: 35 MW
-Power output: 184 GWh/year

Distances from the plant to some relevant locations:
- 50 km to Jauguelito.
- 60 km to Angualasto.
- 80 km to Cuesta del Viento.
- 100 km to Veladero.
- 270 km to the city of San Juan

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