Projects Currently Underway

Plans for Phase I and II of the Ullum Photovoltaic-Generation Plant

The project is divided into two phases:

PHASE I: Evacuate up to 185MW of power from the first solar projects and include an HV overhead transmission line and a transformer substation at the Ullum solar park, which connects the HV line to one of the circuits in the tie line running between the Punta Negra and Punta de Rieles substations (all property of EPSE).

Phase II: The construction of the La Travesía switching yard that is connected to both circuits of the Punta Negra – Punta de Rieles line, and to the Ullum hydroplant – San Juan substation line. Such will allow 326 MW to be transported, and provide an important operational node within the system.

Ullum Solar Transformer Substation:
The transformer substation is to be at 132 kV / 33 kV with a surface area of about 4,5 ha, which will house electric equipment of medium and high tension, transformers, bus bars, control equipment and control building for the transformer substation. All will be fenced off in order to prevent entrance by unauthorized personnel to potentially dangerous areas.
The transformer substation will have the following characteristics:
Number of bus bars: 2
Number of bays: 7 on-line + 2 back-up
HV overhead transmission line:
In order to connect the Ullum Solar Transformer Substation to the La Travesía switching substation, a high-voltage overhead line will be put in place with posts set in concrete.

The HV line will be set at a distance of 30 m from provincial route 54, running in parallel. It will also run parallel to an obsolete railway line.
La Travesia Switching Substation:
This substation is planned for the second phase. In the first phase, evaluation of the PV parks make it possible to simply open only one circuit on the Punta Negra – Punta de Rieles line. However, given the high potential of solar in the area and the decision to formulate additional projects to install PV generating plants wherever possible, the electricity transfer should eventually occupy the three lines running along provincial route 60.

Project Staff

Ingeniero Eléctrico Alfredo Omar Ibazeta
Ingeniería Civil
Ing Gustavo Carracedo
Ingeniería Eléctrica
Ing. Eléctrico Mario Orangel Tello
Juan Quiroga

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