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Punta Negra Hydropower Plant

The hydroplant is made up of an intake within the reservoir, a conduction system, and a power house; all of these structures are located on the left bank of the river. The reservoir also has several structures of its own, mostly notably a spillway and a scour.

-The spillway is a security structure designed to discharge high volumes of water when excess is present in the reservoir, and is located on the river’s left bank. It is open air and without floodgates; it also has a canal and a ski jump.

-The scour was used to divert water during dam construction. It is located on the river’s right bank. Floodgates are present to control the passage of water with the now-full reservoir.

-The dam is a concrete-face rock-fill dam: Its body is filled with loose materials—such as sand and gravel—that are compacted and protected externally by a layer concrete, which is waterproof on the reservoir side. Water surface area in the reservoir totals to 1,250 ha. The dam crest resides at 958 m above sea level, and 97 m above the river bed.

Sección de la presa en el cauce del río indicando los niveles y volúmenes alcanzados a la fecha por los rellenos del cuerpo estructural.
Asimismo en la presa, en el sector de margen derecha y en el cauce del río, se están ejecutando las etapas iniciales de la pantalla impermeable.

Hydroplant structures:

-Intake and conduction via tunnel to hydroplant
-Location of complex: left river bank
-Intake: joined at end to waste collecting chamber

Hydropower plant:
-Power house. Type: outdoor.
-Power house equipment:

- Type: Francis with vertical axis (2 units)
- Net head: 80.07 m
- Rotating speed: 300 rpm
- Capacity for each: 32.50 MW
- Overall production: 380 GWh/year

- Potencia Unitaria: 42 MVA
-Type: synchronous with vertical axis; 2 units
-Unit capacity: 42 MVA

The Punta Negra substation’s tension is 132 kV. It has a switchgear module and a double-bus configuration with coupling to handle both the inputs from the power station and the high tension lines from Los Caracoles, as well as handle the outputs for a double circuit line that connects the substation to the transmission grid.

The Punta Negra project is located over the San Juan river at kilometer 35 of National Route 12. It resides on the border between the departments (counties) of Ullúm and Zonda, which is a connecting point between the city of San Juan and the department of Callingasta and lays at the foothills of the Andes. Areas directly influenced by the project are the departments of Ullúm, Zonda, Chimbas, Rivadavia, Rawson, Santa Lucia, Pocito, Sarmiento, Albardón, Angaco, San Martín, Caucete, 9 de Julio and 25 de Mayo.

Project Staff

Ingeniería Civil
Ing Gustavo Carracedo

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