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Solar Photovoltaic Plant San Juan I

The solar plant is known as “San Juan I” and puts out 1.2 MWp in the department (county) of Ullum, 30 minutes from the city of San Juan. EPSE awarded the construction of the plant via tender ceremony. It is known as “San Juan I.” The auction sparked a great amount of interest, and was awarded to the temporary consortium made up of COMSA de Argentina SA and COMSA SA (from Spain). This project required an investment close to 40 million pesos and it completely financed by provincial funds under the administration and supervision of EPSE.

The plant is an advanced laboratory and observatory made up of differing technologies. The aim of the plant is to research which installation set up is best for the region and spurn the local PV industry forwards. The plant is fitted with data collecting systems, as well as monitoring and control. A cutting-edge meteorological station is also in place. The plant is undertaking the training of local professionals, as well as ever-evolving technology from Argentina and also from Europe.

In line with its conception as a pilot plant, San Juan I employs the three types of silicon technologies prevailing today.
The monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous silicon modules are mounted on racks that can pivot on two separate axis to adjust the azimuth angle and height. This is to make seasonal adjustments that track the changing movement of the sun. 70% of the panels on the farm allow for s
The plant is fitted with a meteorological station whose instruments are capable of registering wind speed and direction at three different heights. The station also measure solar radiation via pyranometers, and is equipped with cells that allow for measuring temperature, humidity and precipitation. All gathered data is monitored and saved on a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system and is used for research.

The plant has more than 4,900 photovoltaic panels of differing technologies and formally began operation in March of 2011. 70% of the panels are mounted to pivoting structures that allow for winter/summer adjustments.

The plant is maintained and operated by EPSE.

Project Staff

Técnico. Operación y Mantenimiento
Gustavo Ariel Hidalgo
Operación y Mantenimiento
Técnico Mauro Strada

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