Projects Currently Underway

Solar San Juan Project

This project aims to create the groundwork necessary to establish an integrated process of development for photovoltaic energy in all of its aspects and applications.

Goal summary:
-Establish the manufacture of solar photovoltaic panels with large-scale vertical integration, which is to include each stage of the production process: extraction of the needed raw material (solar silicon), manufacture of PV cells, and finally the manufacture of solar panels ready for use.

-Develop regional projects for solar PV generation on a magnitude that ensures the sustained use of the manufactured products.

-Promote the installation of PV panels in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, as well as the installation of PV generation for energy supply and pumping water.

-Promote the acquisition of know-how, research, and development in the area of solar energy.

-Improve the legal framework surrounding solar energy in a way that fosters truly positive growth.

Phases of the production process:

-A grid-connected 1.2 MWp solar farm (already in operation)

-PERMER I and PERMER II off-grid (already in operation)

-Pilot test for grid-connected PV panels in family homes, commercial spaces, and public buildings (already underway)

-Produce and solar and wind map for San Juan (the tender has been awarded and the map completed)

-Pilot testing for public lighting (already underway)

-GENREN PV plant (underway)

-Regulatory and legal framework for grid connection and distribution (underway)

-Manufacture of PV panels, PV cells, wafers, solar silicon ingots (factory building construction underway)

Possible applications:

-Solar PV farms; residential, commercial and industrial sectors. PV-powered water pumps for irrigation, solar-powered public lighting, solar roof shingles, mining applications (San Juan employs a large mining sector).

Solar-power market:

-Construct solar farms as a participant in the Wholesale Electric Market (MEM) as an energy producer.

Residential market:

-Connect isolated homes to the distribution grid. For example, 3-10 panels per home (280 Wp c/u) – 1 kWp to 3 kWp.

Solar-powered water pump market:

Construction of PV-powered generation for water pumping at deep depths, and for irrigation purposes in the agricultural sector.
Solar lighting market:

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