Energía Hidráulica


Biomass energy—or bioenergy—is obtained from organic compounds via natural processes. Bioenergy can trace its way back to the sun, whose energy is converted into organic material by vegetation, energy that can later be recovered by direct combustion or by transforming the material into other combustibles, such as alcohol, methanol, or oil. Biogas can also be extracted, which is similar in composition to natural gas, and comes from organic waste.

The Project Today

The Energy Value via Solid Municipal Waste project (VERSU) proposes the application of various energy-exploiting technologies for populations of between 10 thousand and 50 thousand people. The project includes the creation of a Pilot Plant called VERSU that will operate in the department (county) of Sarmiento in the province of San Juan. The department contains 23,000 inhabitants. This plant will be able to treat 10 tons of urban waste daily.



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