Energía Hidráulica

Wind Power

Wind power is primarily used today to produce electric energy by means of wind turbines, which are generators set into action by a turbine that moves due to wind.

The advantages provided by this type of energy include the possibility for constant renewal, overall prevalence of cleanliness, abundant availability, and lack of resulting contamination since its utilization considerably reduces greenhouse gas emissions. For this reason, wind power has been termed a “green energy.”

The Project Today

The mountain areas found in the Northern and Western areas of San Juan provide potentially appropriate conditions for the employment of this type of energy resource, thanks to the velocity and nearly perpetual presence of wind.
Various tests have confirmed the presence of these high-potential areas. The studies were carried out by elaborate investigation starting with provincial wind and solar maps, which provided us with the backing figures to compare with measurements taken over the course of a year. The measured values allowed us to put together a pre-design (done at the end of 2013) for the conditions necessary for a wind farm in the most suitable locations.



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