ENVELOPE OPENING CEREMONY: Tender 01/2018 and 02/2018


Tender 01/18 and 02/18

ENVELOPE OPENING: Procurement of solar photovoltaic panels and mobile support structures for the ANCHIPURAC Solar PV Park.

The ceremony was held at the Governor’s Palace at 134 N. Paula Albarracín de Sarmiento street, in the Dr. Ricardo Colombo room. Also presiding over the meeting was the board from

EPSE, made up of Victor Doña (president), Jorge Quattropani (vice-president) and Carlos Larisson (director). Also present was the Secretary of State for the Environment and Sustainable Development of the province, Mr. Raul Tello; Mr. Guillermo Adrover, administrative manager of EPSE; Dr. Carlos W. Villegas, EPSE trustee; and was supervised by Dr. Nélida del Carmen Gómez, the senior clerk of the provincial government.

The opening of PUBLIC TENDER No. 01/2018 “Procurement of Solar PV Panels for Anchipurac Solar Park” has an official budget of $1,050,000 USD. A proposal was received from Multiradio S.A. that fulfilled all of the formal requirements. They will continue in the race and be considered by the evaluation commission that will be issued within the next ten (10) days. First, the technical and economic offers must be analyzed in depth become anything is awarded.

With regards to PUBLIC TENDER No. 02/2018 “Procurement of Mobile Support Structures for the Anchipurac Solar Park,” it has an official budget of $10,500,000 ARS. An offer was received from the company TDL S.A. which complied with the formal requirements, thereby passing on to examination by the evaluation commission. The commission will present its opinion within the next 10 days, after analyzing the technical and economic offers received in-depth; afterwards the tender will be awarded.

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