A Milestone Is Reached as Transformers Arrive to Ullum


Transformers 3 and 4 have arrived and already been installed at the Ullum 132/33 kV Electrical Substation. They are part of the substation’s expansion project that will increase the transformation capacity from 200 MVA to 400 MVA.

This moment marks the beginning of the 2nd Stage that will continue with the tender for the construction of a new high-voltage line that is to join the Ullum Solar Substation with the Albardon-Chimbas Transformer Station.



Moving each transformer is an experience in and of itself that deserves a look and a highlight of the logistics used. The transport company started in the municipality of Galvez in the province of Santa Fe. They then traveled 990 km on to San Juan—at only 45 KpH and only during daylight hours. The equipment had to be checked every hour and the tarps on semis hauling over 100 tons each.

It took seven days to get to the province, which included the regular presentation of a route itinerary to the Department of Transportation, who approved the trip. The trip was accompanied by a van that surveyed the roads and looked out for cables and bridges.


After 7 long days of travel, the haulers were met at their destination by EPSE staff who had the space already prepared: constructions that included a base for the transformer and a fire wall.

The installation of each transformer take 2 days and covers the transformer with all of its accessory equipment, which of course includes radiators, oils and tanks for expansion.

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