Envelope Opening: Public Tender 05/19: Security Services


With an official budget of 2,100,000 ARS, and with 5 companies bidding, the envelope opening ceremony for Public Tender N. 05/19 is to be carried out on the morning of Tuesday, September 10th. It is to bring “Security services for control of access and the premises at EPSE’s main offices located at Calle 6 and Maurín in the department of Pocito, San Juan.

The event will be carried out at the main branch of EPSE’s offices, located at the corner of Maurín and Calle 6 in Pocito.

The envelope opening ceremony was made up by Jorge Quattropani, Guillermo Adrover, Patricio Echegaray, Andres Quattropani. Also present was the government notary, María Silvia Sarmiento.

It must be noted that the fifth bid was automatically rejected due to a calculation error in their financial proposal in accordance with article 7 of the PBCP. The Evaluation Committee will continue to analyze the offers for the following 10 days.

The Companies

Offer 1- El Guarda S.R.L. Offer 2- Seguridad Integral Sanjuanina S.R.L. Offer 3- Servimix S.R.L. Offer 4- Aries Seguridad S.R.L. Offer 5- El Guardián S.R.L. (rejected)

Unidad de Comunicación EPSE