Progress Made at the Ullum Electric Substation


The new transformers, N. 3 and 4, have already been installed at the Ullum 132/33 kV Solar Electric Substation.

Moving each transformer is an experience in and of itself that deserves a look and a highlight of the logistics used. The transport company started in the municipality of Galvez in the province of Santa Fe. They then traveled 990 km on to San Juan—at only 45 KpH and only during daylight hours. The equipment had to be checked every hour and the tarps on semis hauling over 100 tons each.

It took seven days to get to the province, which included the regular presentation of a route itinerary to the Department of Transportation, who approved the trip. The trip was accompanied by a van that surveyed the roads and looked out for cables and bridges.

Upon arriving at their destinations, the haulers were met at their destination by EPSE staff in charge of construction the substation, Ing. Ibazeta and Ing. Tello. The civil work that was built included a base for the transformer and a fire wall (work completed in 2018).

The unloading and installation of the transformers upon their base structure took two days for each transformer, and this included putting together the equipment necessary for the operation, protection, accessories, radiators, wheels, oil, and expansion tanks. One put together, a group of EPSE employees joined to control the rigor of the transformers to verify that the construction was apt and fully operational, also leaving room for future connections.

Ullum Solar Electric Substation

The Substation is located in the department of Ullum, to the north of the Ullum reservoir, along the highways N. 60 and 54.

The project has been planned in two stages: The first is already completed and was inagurated on March 11th, 2018. This stage prepared for the transfer of up to 185 MW of power for the earliest solar projects, including the substation and the high-tension line at 132 kV that allows for the substation to connect to the substation of Punta Negra and Punta de Rieles, both property of EPSE.

With a surface of around 4.5 ha, the area has all of the electric equipment for measurement and tension necessary to send out energy generated at the solar parks that are currently installed and in the generation process.

The high-tension line, currently in use, was designed and constructed with concrete posts, aluminum and steel cables, polymeric insulators, OPGW cable, etc. A large portion of its installation sits 30 m from provincial highway 54.

Given the high solar potential of the area, and thanks to the land available to incorporate new PV plants, the energy transferred from this point will make it possible to augment the transportation capacity of the area, also being the main reason for the creation of a 2nd stage in the project.

Stage II of the project began with the arrival of the new transformers. It will continue with the work that considers an expansion of the substation and the construction of a new 132 kV electric pipeline that joins this substation with that of Albardón-Chimbas, which allows the capacity to be raised to 400 MVA.

Victor Doña, president of EPSE, explained the situation: “The expansions also serve to transport energy to the solar parks and to the Tambolar dam (now under construction).” He also added that the area in Ullum has 10 solar parks in planning that will generate 370 MW, giving rise to the need for expansions that double current capacity.

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