EPSE Has Inagurated their Modern Corporate Building


Sectors 1 and 2 compose a two-level building. The ground level of sector 1 has access to the main hall with corresponding hall acess at double-height and training areas. On the upper floor there is an administrative area, which is made up of the management sector, meeting rooms and bathrooms. The ground level of sector 2 is made up primarily of a cafeteria for staff, a kitchen area, bathrooms and a hallway that connect to Sector 3 (factory). On the upper level of sector 2, the rest of the administrative area is found, including general offices, an open-office area, meeting rooms and bathrooms. There is an area that houses the machines, where climate controlling equipment is found. The office building (sectors 1 and 2) has a main stair located in the hall, an elevator, and two service stairs (and escape) located at the extreme ends of each sector (1 and 2).

All of the sectors have been designed, keeping in mind the elimination of walls and keeping spaces open, in terms of the dimensions of the stairs, the angles of regulatory ramps, installation of specific bathrooms, etc.

The building has a centralized climate control that is optimized for sectors and offices that give individual control and make it personalized. Furthermore, it has a system of security cameras and digitial control of individual access.

It is located at the coner of Calle 6 and Maruín in the department of Pocito, San Juan.

Unidad Comunicación EPSE