EPSE to Open a Tender for an MSW-Fed Bioenergy Plant


EPSE will soon begin a turnkey project for the plant that is to run on municipal solid waste; it will be a 310 kW combined cycle plant with a 240 kW steam turbine, and a 70 kW turbo generator.

These machines will help generate energy for the project known as “DEVELOPMENT OF AN INTEGRAL SYSTEM TO PROCESS URBAN SOLID WASTE INTO ENERGY.” The project will call upon the technological and scientific abilities of the province to install an MSW-fed bioenergy plant. The project will be set in the province of Sarmiento (Region 5), at an MSW treatment center. Running the project is a temporary consortium made up of a mix of public and private companies (CAPP), backed by the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Promotion by means of the Argentine Sectorial Fund (FONARSEC). The consortium is made up of the National Institute for Industrial Technology (INTI), The Environmental and Sustainable Development Secretary of the Province of San Juan (SAyDS), EPSE, three metalworking companies, Instalar DG S.R.L., Megar Ingenieria (Engineering) S.R.L and Othala S.A.E. Non-

refudable financing is run through FONARSEC and support for each of the parties comes through the CAPP.

VERSU is currently sitting at 78% completion. Regarding EPSE’s responsibilities, the first tendering has been carried out with regards to the pre-awarding of the single tender for civil works, electrical and mechanical installation of the electrical substation at 0.4/13.2 kV, the mid-voltage line of 13.2 kV, and the commercial measurement system for energy. The tender is estimated to represent a 4.5 million ARS investment.

Now, in the next phase, EPSE plans to open a tender for the procurement of a group of combined-cycle electric generators in order to help complete the goals of electricity generation at the plant.

Keeping in mind the important progress of the plant, in general, and also that the rest of the installations are in their final installation process, the turbo-generators should be procured quickly. EPSE plans to tender the out in the 2nd or 3rd trimester of this year, which depends somewhat on the availability of local manufacturers and suppliers.

The next works to be realized will be turnkey and should be designed to provide a nominal power of 310 kV via combined cycle; the turbo-generator will run off a steam turbine of 240 kW. The nominal power of the turbo-generator to the air will be controlled run by an external air compressor and an electric motor of 70 kW.

The procurement will also include the electrical and mechanical works and installations, in addition to the turbo-generator—and all other auxiliary installations that (as specified in the conditions of the tender) are necessary to put the plant into operation according to its technical specifications.

The following is already ready to go at the plant: the incinerating oven, the steam boiler, the general civil works that include the production building and general structure, and the infrastructure for the electrical installation of the turbo-generators. All that is needed is the final tender for the plant installation.

It is estimated that the plant will be up and running in 7-10 months, keeping in mind the time needed for the tendering process, as well as the execution of specific tasks afterwards. The time will also be subject to the availability of the equipment needed, and if it will come from a local company or if it will need to be imported. As such, a period of adjustment is necessarily built into the timeframe.

The plant is to be understood as a true pilot plant, which will also have a laboratory completely fit to analyze gasses, isokinetic sampling, and so forth to monitor plant variables.

Similar projects will be able to be implemented in other parts of Argentina, keeping in mind that it will be necessary to have an input of 30 tons of MSW daily.

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