EPSE’s Corporate Headquarters Have Been Completed, As Has The Envelope Opening for Public Tender N. 04/19


With the official budget at 660,000,000 ARS and with 6 companies offering—the envelopes were opened today, Monday, July 22nd, 2019. The envelopes were for Public Tender 04/19 which sought after the “Design, Execution of Civil Works, Material Provision, Electrical and Mechanical Installations and commissioning: EXPANSION OF 132/33 Kv ULLUM SOLAR ELECTRIC SUBSTATION and 132 kV POWERLINE FROM ULLUM SOLAR – ALBARDON/CHIMBAS.”

The event was held at EPSE’s new corporate offices set at Calle Maurín and Calle 6, in the department of Pocito here in San Juan. The meeting was led on EPSE’s behalf by Dr. Victor Doña, Jorge Quattropani, Oscar Adrover, Dr. Patricio Echegaray and Miguel Gil. Also participating was government notary Dr. María Silvia Sarmiento.


Offer N. 1 UT. ICSA DISEI -$569,065,097 Offer N. 2 Ing. Julio Nacusi Construcciones S.R.L. -$596,959,671 Offer N. 3 Rovella Carranza S.A.-$ 567,050,847 Offer N. 4 UT. Ivica y A. Dumandzick S.A. – Ingeniería y Construcciones Eléctricas (ICE)-$ 586,165,840 Offer N. 5 Proyección Electroluz S.R.L.-$ 690,532,470 Offer N. 6 Distrocuyo S.A.-$ 582,247,870

The event was carried out without any of the offers being refused due to failure to comply with formal requirements, as such the 6 companies remain in competition. Now the decision lies in the hands of the Evaluation Committee that has 15 days from the date of the opening. The committee will analyze the technical and economic proposals in depth in order to later award the tender.

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