Future Engineers from the National University at San Juan Visit the Punta Negra Hydroplant


The trip was motivated by the chance to refine understanding of their current courses: Fluid Mechanics and Hydroelectric Machines. The students received a talk about the “Impact of Respect on the Order and Care of the Plant.”

“The people that received us were very nice and kind, responding to all of our questions,” said Jennifer Vergara, who also added that “Getting to know the place and functioning of the plant was very useful to us with respect to the course material and other related topics; as we were being guided on the tour we found things that coincided with what we had studied, and that spurned even greater interest. More than anything we are stunned at the technology utilized in the Control Center.

She also stated that “As a future engineer, it is my opinion that renewable energy is the future to which we should aim, considering the fact that it is a great economic and environment investment for the whole country.”

In such a manner, the students from the U.N.S.J. left their testimony following their visit to the Punta Negra hydroplant.

Unidad de Comunicación EPSE
Unidad de Comunicación EPSE