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The Beginning of Works Act for the 2nd (and final) Stage for the El Tambolar Multipurpose Hydroenergy Project.

In the morning hours, EPSE carried out the signing act for the start of works for international tender no. 07/18, the 2nd and Final Stage of the El Tambolar Multipurpose Hydroenergy Project.

Following the timeline established in the Works Contract, signed last July 3rd, where the project was awarded, for a total of 399,000,000 plus VAT to the transitory business consortium (UT) of ANEDILE ARGENTINA S.A.I.C.F e I. – SACDE SOCIEDAD ARGENTINA DE CONSTRUCCIÓN Y DESARROLLO ESTRATÉGICO S.A. –SINOHYDRO CORPORATION LIMITED SUCURSAL DE EMPRESA EXTRANJERA – PETERSEN THIELE y CRUZ SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA DE CONSTRUCCIONES Y MANDATOS UNIÓN TRANSITORIA—the signatures were collected for the start of works agreement. The act also gave rights to the awarded party within the perimeter of the project area, giving them that space and the already-existing

utilities. EPSE signed as the head of project inspection, in this case signed by Ing. Gustavo Pacheco, and by Ing. Carlos Rivero on behalf of the UT.

As of today, 60 months of work has been established in the contract. In this first stage, according to the work schedule, it is estimated that 300 workers will be needed off the bat, and that in 2 and a half years more, 1300 operators will be needed.

Project Data

Main Goal

Complete the utilization of the main stretch of the San Juan river, made up of Ullum, El Tambolar, Los Caracoles and Punta Negra.

Specific Goals

Sustainability of agroindustry

Storage of water (+600 hm³)

Increased control of river height. Flood control

Generation of electricity (+340000 Mwh/year)

Use of labor and services (+1300 people)

Strategic construction

Stage 1: diversion of river (March 2015 – June 2018, completed)

All exective structures

Detailed engineering of river diversion

Diversion tunnels for river (T1 and T2 sluiceway)

Surge tank

Inspection tunnel

Stage II: remaining structures WORK START – UNDERWAY


Headrace tunnel to generators


Power House

Electric substation and high-voltage powerline

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