San Juan Top Provider of Solar to National Grid


Solar projects have begun to take off strongly in San Juan, showing its potential in renewables. With the commissioning of Ullum IV, more than half of the solar projects in the country—and by far more than any other province—have their home in San Juan: 46% of the national total, while the remaining 54% is divided over four other provinces. The numbers come from 11 plants that are already commissioned, to which 9 more will be added.

According to data from the National Secretary of Energy, there are 21 solar plants in full swing. Of those, 11 are in San Juan, Cata Marca, La Rioja, San Luis and Salta. In other words, San Juan leads the commercial rankings with 53%.

The present result stems from the success of the San Juan Solar Project, which will have proved to be vital in the transformation of the national grid. The 11 plants are spread in the 11 departments of San Juan: Ullum, Sarmiento, Iglesia, Calingasta and Jachal. The highest generating plant is Guañzuil I with 80 MW.

The Last Connection

The two Ullum IV plants were recently incorporated into the SADI (Argentine National Grid). The largest generates 13.5 MW and will be commissioned in June. The other was commissioned last month and produces 6.5 MW.

The park was awarded for a 20 year span and is run by Solargen Ullum. The iniciative was financed by the BICE bank by means of a 6.8 million USD loan (53% project cost) at a 7 year span

Leonardo Dominguez
Diario Huarpe