Sebastian Kind Toured the Solar Parks of San Juan


The national official participated today in the inauguration of the Las Lomitas PV park in the department of Albardon and later visited the government house with the governor.

In the meeting, the president of EPSE, Victor Doña said that “Sebastian Kind is a mover of renewable energies on a national level and has participated in the creation of a law the fosters these activities.”

“We have toured the solar parks that we have in Ullum and also those that are under construction; later we visited Punta Negra in order to compare it with other projects with similar characteristics,” EPSE’s president went on to say.

On his own behalf, the national official stated that “San Juan has lots of development and a large number of awarded projects; Some are under commercial operation like that of today, as well as others that we have seen.”

“We are content that something that we are facilitating can create these things and that San Juan has everything to be able to be pioneers,” stated Kind.

Kind gave some details regarding the national plan, saying that, “The idea is not only a program like RenovAr, but also a futures market for renewables. What that would do is to basically push industrial users of energy in the country to buy energy in the futures market’ this means that a large-scale user can buy energy directly from a producer without intervention from a national or state entity.”

Argentina now has to work to expand its grid so that more electricity can be transported, as conforms to the goal laid out in law 26190 that states that no less that 20% of energy produced in Argentina will be renewable by 2025,” he said in closing.

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