Ullum IV Is Producing Renewable Energy


Solar Park Ullum IV, located in the locality of Ullum, has been commissioned commercially, and now generates 13.5 MW of power. The project belongs to the Solargen Ullum S.A. company, whose primary stock owner is the privately-owned SIDERSA.

This project was awarded in round 1.5 of RenovAr, and produces electrical energy by means of solar PV, producing enough to power 10,000 homes in Argentina. In this way, the national energy matrix is looking to diversify itself through public and private entities in collaboration. The value to

such activity is care of the natural environment, reduction in fossil fuel use in the grid, and lowers the carbon footprint of the country.

Works will include soil movement, purchase of good like PV panels, circuits and invertors, thier installation and later maintenance. The initiative was financed by BICE with a 6.8 million USD contract (53% of the project) and a 7-year time span. The project used 30% national parts, which was a milestone when put against other projects.

In its role as a development bank, BICE has its own goals and backs projects for national infrastructure, among them is included renewables. To the date, 25 loans have been approved for a total of 125.5 million USD that will move to finance 700 million USD total and investment for more than 1 billion USD

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