VERSU: EPSE Has Completed Two Projects that Transform the Grid


The VERSU project (MSW recycling) aims at recovering value through the application of cutting-edge technology towards municipal solid waste coming from 10-50 thousand citizens. The plant is able to process 10 tons of MSW daily.

Toward this end, EPSE has finished two of the items under its wing, the 0.4/13.2 kV electric substation and the Commercial Electricity Measurement System that allows for the transformation and injection of energy produced through the VERSU project.

Electrical Substation

The electrical shelter was built according to national and international regulations, within a 20 foot maritime container (6.06 m (l) x 3.09 m (h) x 2.44 m (w)). The following are located inside:

1. Transformer: to elevate the tension from 380 to 13.2 kV.

2. Fix mid-tension cells: operation and measurement of electricity.

3. Low tension boards: reception of electricity from the generator and for the electricity measurement system.

4. Auxiliary services electrical board: for the control and illumination, and services of the shelter.

Cable Installation

230 meters of mid-voltage cables (underground conductors and tritubes) have been buried from the electrical substation to a burial reconnecting point, selectors and grounding.

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