Cambio de fecha de Apertura de Sobres Licitación Pública Nº 06/19

Nueva fecha de apertura de Sobres, 20 de Noviembre, 9 horas en Edificio EPSE. Servicio de Catering para el personal de Operación y Mantenimiento en Central Hidroeléctrica Cuesta del viento.

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Public Tender 06/19

Cuesta del Viento Hydroplant: Catering service for the operation and maintenance staff. Terms and conditions can be obtained as of November 11th. Envelope opening at 9:00 on November 15th at EPSE.

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Future Engineers from the National University at San Juan Visit the Punta Negra Hydroplant

The trip was motivated by the chance to refine understanding of their current courses: Fluid Mechanics and Hydroelectric Machines. The students received a talk about the “Impact of Respect on the Order and Care of the Plant".

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Progress Made at the Ullum Electric Substation

With the arrival of two transformers, EPSE iniciates the 2nd stage of the Ullum Electric Substation.

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Financial Benefits for Renewable-Based Projects

AFIP has established the procedure for the owners of electric energy generated via renewables.

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A Milestone Is Reached as Transformers Arrive to Ullum

Transformers 3 and 4 have arrived and already been installed at the Ullum 132/33 kV Electrical Substation. They are part of the substation’s expansion project that will increase the transformation capacity from 200 MVA to 400 MVA.

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San Juan’s Energy Mix

Gathering and making energy has and always will be an issue in terms of agendas and debates regarding political decisions on regional development, as is the case with the province of San Juan.

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Project: The La Travesia Solar Park

The goal is to build the first solar plant with battery storage in the country. The project is set to cost 65 million USD and has BID managing the financing. It is to have 57 MW and will be built in stages.

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Envelope Opening: Public Tender 05/19: Security Services

With an official budget of 2,100,000 ARS, and with 5 companies bidding, the envelope opening ceremony for Public Tender N. 05/19 is to be carried out on the morning of Tuesday, September 10th.

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A Province-by-Province Look at the Regulatory Framework for the Distribution of Renewable Energy

Lawyer Guido Sanchez has analyzed the regulation for distributed generation with relation to renewable energy in Argentina.

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