At EPSE we understand that economic progress is also associated with social development and the conservation of natural resources. This philosophy guides the actions of our company and facilitates sustainability that is based upon the generation of economic, social and environmental value.

Entering into 2017, when the energy consumption goals stood at 8% generation for wind, solar and small hydro projects—EPSE began to work with the objective of generating a vision shared with the material “Business and Social Responsibility” across the whole company. We began to Looki to align and integrate ourselves with existing practices, promote correspondence amongst already involved parties, and establish a cooperative management system.

The development of said types of energy constitutes the most efficient method of fighting climate change.

EPSE is committed to care for our natural resources and does so in a state of continuous development with our projects that respond to the implementation of new policies created for the transformation of our energy matrix.



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Proyects RSE

Respect for the environment, stakeholders, fair operating practices, human rights, transparency, and labor practices are some of the aspects that we present in every respect. Know them from here.

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