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Solar Power

The Solar San Juan project is an initiative put forth by the government of San Juan, with the main idea being sustainable development for the province and the nation as a whole. Our goals are also to develop technology strategically, and to store energy in order to ensure supply meets with increasing demand. With this project, San Juan aims to transform the Argentine energy matrix by adding renewable solar photovoltaic energy.

The Project Today

Beyond simply the production of solar power, our project will directly manufacture photovoltaic panels as a final step within the complete integrated process that starts with extraction of silicon from quartz, mined right here in San Juan. A dedicated site for R&D will be included, which provides further investment and an avenue to always keep our project up-to-date.

The project has its foundations in several competitive qualities possessed by the province that lead to its current potential regarding solar:

- Solar radiation on a horizontal surface of up to 7.5 kWh/m²/day.
- Daily sunshine duration between 4-9 hours, depending on the time of year and section of the province.
- Sufficient high-quality quartz is already naturally present.
- An energy-intensive plant that converts quartz into silicon metal is already up and running in the province.
- Abundant land availability since San Juan is largely made up of desert and semi-desert areas unsuitable for agriculture or mining; However, these areas are conducive to high-capacity solar farms.
- Proper human resources; We depend on academic institutions and well-known research.

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