EPSE is a state-owned energy company belonging to the province of San Juan. It was founded in 2004, with the main objective being to give new direction to the LOS CARACOLES-PUNTA NEGRA project since it had been on hold since the year 2000.

Likewise, EPSE was also founded on the idea of taking care of the various issues related to power generation, including the administration of power produced by the province.

Our company has become largely focused on administering provincial energy resources in accordance with governmental policies established by the Energy Resources Agency (Dirección de Recursos Energéticos).

Along the way, many non-conventional energy projects have germinated as a result of taking various specialized professionals on board.

EPSE has thus transformed into the company that it is today, one that studies, administers and distributes both conventional and non-conventional energy produced in San Juan.

Our Mission

To study, explore, utilize, industrialize and administer provincial energy resources in accordance to policies established by the executive branch by means of the Energy Resources Agency. Furthermore, EPSE is to plan, construct, renovate, expand, take care of and utilize provincial energy-producing works, all the while administering the energy produced in the province.

Our initial capital was $100.000 Argentine pesos; In 2004, the provincial budget approved the transfer of all 100 shares ($1000 pesos each in value) to the government in exchange for the founding capital.

The provincial Auditors’ Court exercises external audits, while internal auditing is performed by a trustee and two auditors (an administrative accountant and an assistant). EPSE is not within the jurisdiction of the provincial Accounts Division.

EPSE is to operate and maintain its facilities in a way that does not constitute a danger to public health and also in a way that complies with the rules and regulations of the relevant regulatory body or the corresponding inspection body.

The government of San Juan has served as a tool for the strategic management of provincial energy resources in all of the following: hydroelectric, solar, wind, geothermal and biomass power.

EPSE’s main tactical goal is to provide more renewable energy and increase the efficiency of energy consumption.




Numerous agreements with different companies and provincial and national organizations.

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