Energía Hidráulica

Geothermal Power

This type of energy is obtained by utilizing heat from within the Earth. The heat may provide generation for different reasons. Geothermal power can come from hot springs found at relatively shallow depths emitting vapor.

Another source of geothermal energy is magma (melted rock mixed with gases), even though no currently available industrial technology can exploit it. Usually, a geothermal power plant functions with a minimum of two wells: one to extract the hot water, and the other to reintroduce the then cooled water back into the aquifer. In such a way, water is maintained constant at the site.

It may be true that geothermal power is one of the least known forms of renewables to people outside of the scientific community; however, we are all familiar with the effects this type of energy can act upon the landscape since we can list volcanic eruptions as one of its manifestations.

The Project Today

The region of San Juan with the highest potential for geothermal power is known as Valle del Cura, and lies to the Northeast of the central section of the province, in the department (county) of Iglesia. There is currently an area of approximately 2300 km² that is providing seven sources, all of which are under investigation.



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